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Trainee Awards

Applications to the BSMD 2024 Trainee Award are now open (closing date 23 February 2024). This is an excellent opportunity to fund individualised programmes of medical dermatology training. Fellowships will be awarded in open competition to UK and Eire dermatology trainees (including post CCT fellows). Each award will be funded up to a maximum value of £2500.


A suggested programme might include a variety of experiences across one or more centres with medical dermatology expertise, and may include participation in clinics, multi-disciplinary team meetings and ward rounds. Preference is given to those arranging a focused programme of activity in a specific area of medical dermatology. In addition, attendance at a relevant national or international medical dermatology meeting or conference is supported. The fellowship will be expected to be taken up within six months of the award being made.


Dermatology Specialty Specific Examination is a desirable qualification. All applications must be from BSMD trainee members and should provide full and realistic costings.

The BSMD website advertises a directory of UK medical dermatologists who have offered to provide clinical experience in their areas of expertise. Potential applicants should contact members of this UK medical dermatology training network to enquire about availability and help construct their suggested award programmes. It would be acceptable to have several supervisors at different sites as components of a single award. Focus on a particular medical dermatology field, rather than broad experience, is preferred.


Applications require the following: 

  • 2 page CV

  • A letter of support from your Educational Supervisor and/or TPD on headed paper

  • A breakdown of your proposed use of the funds and estimated costs (up to the value of £2500) - to include one course/congress (including dates if possible)

  • A personal statement as to your career aspirations within medical dermatology and the proposed benefits the fellowship will bring, along with an overview of your proposed fellowship programme

  • Copies of letters or emails of acceptance from proposed supervisors to support your proposed programme


Application procedure

Please send your completed application to Laura Savage (

The deadline for applications is 23 February 2024.

Previous Trainee Winner Reports

Dr Julian Pearce
ST6 Dermatology, St George’s Hospital


Dr Hannah Wainman
SAS, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Dr Alice Tidman
ST6 Dermatology Registrar


Dr Bryan Murphy
ST6 Dermatology Belfast HSC Trust


Dr Georgina Fremlin
ST6, West Midlands


Dr Dhruvkumar Laheru
ST6, Thames Valley


Dr Christina Wlodek


Dr Antonia Lloyd-Lavery
ST5, Oxford


Dr Arpita Debroy Kidambi
ST5 trainee, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield


Dr Saman Fatah
ST6 trainee, University Hospital of North Durham

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