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Dr Christina Wlodek

The British Society for Medical Dermatology Fellowship has exceeded my expectations. I have come away feeling more confident in the management of some very challenging conditions. Furthermore team work with other medical specialties, through combined clinics, is highly rewarding and a fantastic way to continue one’s professional development. I arranged to attend the following clinics:

1. Hospital Henri Mondor, Paris, France
French Reference Centre for Toxic & Autoimmune Blistering Diseases – Prof. Olivier Chosidow & Dr. Saskia Oro & colleagues.
This was an eye-opening experience both into the French healthcare system and the differing management strategies for these conditions used in Europe.

2. King’s College Hospital, London.
Sarcoidosis clinic with Dr. Sarah Walsh.
This was a fantastic opportunity to observe numerous cases of cutaneous sarcoidosis. I saw more cases in this clinic than I had in my career to date.

3. Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle.
Lupus, Dermatomyositis, Joint Dermatology/Rheumatology clinics – Dr. Simon Meggitt & colleagues.
I spent a highly enjoyable four days with an associate fellowship winner Dr. Antonia Lloyd-Lavery. This was a great opportunity to see numerous patients with a variety of connective tissue conditions. We were very well looked after by Dr. Meggitt! (including fish and chips by the sea).

4. St George’s Hospital, London. Lymphoedema clinic – Dr. Kristiana Gordon & Prof. Mortimer. This was a completely novel experience into a niche area of dermatology, where I saw several cases of primary lymphedema.

5. St John’s Institute of Dermatology, London: Severe eczema & psoriasis clinics – Prof. Catherine Smith & Prof. Jonathan Barker;         Immunobullous clinic – Dr. Richard Groves; Lupus – Dr. David McGibbon, Prof. David de Cruz. These clinics involved some of the most challenging medical dermatology cases. Learning from these highly experienced clinicians was a huge privilege and pleasure. It        also highlighted the satisfying role in clinical trial participation and research.

6. The Royal London Hospital, London Behcet’s clinic – Professor Farida Fortune & colleagues. This was an extremely useful visit. I largely spent time with an excellent clinician and passionate teacher, Professor Fortune (a consultant in oral medicine & immunology). I also attended the team’s annual Behcet’s update.


A heartfelt thanks to the BSMD for this unique opportunity. The fellowship reaffirmed my interest in this subspecialty, which I intend to pursue as a Consultant. I also look forward to remaining in contact with those I met during the past year such that I can provide the best care to my most complex medical dermatology patients.

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