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Dr Julian Pearce
ST6 Dermatology, St George’s Hospital

I was delighted to have been awarded a BSMD trainee award this year. As a final year trainee I took the opportunity to reflect upon areas of the curriculum where my clinical experience had been limited during training. Hair disorders stood out as one such domain; an area in which I had started to develop a subspecialist interest.

The fellowship facilitated attendance at consultant-led specialist NHS hair clinics across the country including Brighton, Gloucester, Manchester, Glasgow and Fife. I attended both adult and paediatric clinics and gained knowledge in clinical assessment, histopathological correlation, medical management and practical procedures such as scalp biopsy, intralesional steroid injections and diphencyprone application. I particularly enjoyed discussions about the evidence base for treatments in different hair disorders, as well as the current research into JAK-inhibitors for alopecia areata. I was able to attend the European Hair Research Society (EHRS) meeting which provided excellent opportunities to hear about the current landscape of research into hair biology, as well as an informative paediatric hair course. The fellowship provided an invaluable opportunity to network with clinicians with an interest in hair disorders, along with allied healthcare professionals, which will help foster good future working relationships.

I would like to thank the BSMD for granting me this fellowship and the excellent opportunities it has provided. I would encourage trainees interested in developing their knowledge in a medical dermatology-related area to apply for subsequent awards.

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