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Dr Saman Fatah
ST6 trainee, University Hospital of North Durham

I have found Medical Dermatology the most challenging and stimulating aspect of my training, requiring problem-solving skills to diagnose and optimise management in the face of multiple complaints and co-morbidities. This interest has been consolidated by clinical experience under the supervision of Drs Andrew Carmichael, Shyamal Wahie and Simon Meggitt and more recently in depth research experience in the DLE.

The BSMD fellowship was a magnificent experience and involved attending the following clinics/venues:

1. Joint Lupus Dermatology clinic at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals; supervised by Professor David D’Cruz, Dr David McGibbon and Dr Emma Benton.

2. Immunobullous Diseases clinic at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals; supervised by Dr Richard Groves and Dr Emma Benton, followed by further experience at immunodermatology laboratory under the supervision of Balbir Bhogal and Dr John Mee.

3. Antiphospholipid Syndrome clinic at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals; supervised by Professor Beverley Hunt.

4. Cutaneous Sarcoid clinic at King’s College Hospital; supervised by Dr Sarah Walsh.

5. Cutaneous Lupus clinic at Chapel Allerton Hospital, Leeds; supervised by Professor Mark Goodfield.

Through attendance at these specialised clinics I gained insight into the logistics of Medical Dermatology clinics and how experts approach and manage complex Medical Dermatological conditions. I now aim to incorporate the experience into the management of similar cases and be in a better position to offer a sub-specialty Medical Dermatology service.

Additionally, the personal contacts made will allow me to network over challenging cases to improve the standard of Medical Dermatology care I provide at James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, where I have recently been appointed a Consultant Dermatologist.

I am very grateful to all of the above clinicians for accommodating me in their highly sought after subspecialist clinics and to the generosity of BSMD Fellowship scheme, for providing such excellent opportunity.

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