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Dr Arpita Debroy Kidambi
ST5 trainee, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield

I am very grateful to the British Society of Medical Dermatology for providing me with an excellent training opportunity to gain experience in two specialised areas of Medical Dermatology of my choice – lymphovascular disease and immunobullous/inherited blistering disorders.

I spent one week in lymphovascular medicine under the supervision of Dr Kristiana Gordon in St George’s Hospital, London. This involved attendance in specialist lymphoedema clinics, including the monthly paediatrics lymphoedema genetics clinic. I had the opportunity to observe how treatment is routinely carried out by lymphoedema specialist nurses on patients with varying degrees of lymphoedema and gained appreciation of current best practice, including potential investigations for lymphoedema management.

I am currently attending the Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) Clinic at St John’s Institute, London under the supervision of Dr Emma Wedgeworth and Dr Jemima Mellerio. I have observed patients with varying severities of EB. It has allowed me to appreciate first-hand the multi-disciplinary approach taken towards these patients and increased my confidence in the assessment and general management of patients with EB and the potential complications arising. I look forward to on-going experience at these specialist EB clinics and am due to attend the Practical Paediatric EB for professionals course in the near future.

Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the BSMD and the supervisors of each placement for a unique educational opportunity

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